How Moving from On-Premises to the Cloud Helps Reduce Your Technical Costs

On-premise IT hosting has been a staple of large companies’ data management for a long time. Until a few years ago, only small business could afford to use the cloud: their data costs were not high enough to justify building an entire infrastructure to incorporate on-premise solutions.

This has changed. Today, anyone could get into the cloud game: there are entire branches of enterprise solutions devoted to managing, maintaining, and improving the efficiency of handling your information for you. Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, even IBM Cloud — A few big names in the industry, already trusted by millions of companies to keep their infrastructure and data safe and secure in the cloud.

Many companies maintain a significant IT overhead due to inertia: they have an established relationship with their on-premise infrastructure, removing which incurs short-term costs some CEOs are not ready to take. It’s also uncommon for companies to rely on mission-critical legacy systems for their operations because, again, the costs and the perceived risks of migrating – including potential losses in uptime and, therefore, income – seem too high.

Analyzing the long-term costs of keeping things as is, however, makes it clear that migrating will provide noticeable reductions in maintenance overhead. From training and management, regular maintenance of hardware and software, and security policies, to peripheral costs, such as electricity, ventilation, third-party services, space, physical security, and more — all of this can be cut down by moving your data to the cloud.

Resources freed up from the migration could then be invested into improving your business. With IT specialists available to work on new features, you could then more readily embrace your internet integration – or focus on satisfying the existing customers by improving your existing arsenal of capabilities. The cloud enables you to fail fast and often, iterating in ways on-premise data management could never afford, which means your range of possibilities expands manifold.

Choosing the right solution and drafting a clear plan of migration is important, but moving the cloud will pay off by reducing your cost of operations significantly, and enable you to invest your valuable resources into improving the company and its services.

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