Big Data

We help you gain insight into behavior, trends, and patterns by analyzing petabytes of data.

Working closely with governments and large-scale companies, we have tamed problems of all levels of complexity by applying our technical expertise to achieve effective, persistent results.

Our areas of competence comprise everything you need as a modern company:

We handle any amount of digital data you provide, and conduct research to help you tailor your customers’ experience, improve security, and prevent fraud, as well as improve the efficiency of your business.

Using top-of-the-shelf serverless technologies from Amazon and Google, we help you leverage terabytes of data for deep analysis of business intelligence. We help you establish powerful, scalable ETL (extract-transform-load) processes using AWS ecosystem to host and query your data lake in order to get the most out of your data.

Whether you’re growing or have already achieved dominance in your field, big data inevitably plays an important role in your workflow. We help you not only manage and understand what your users are telling you, but also use it to make considered, conscious decisions to drive your business forward.

By using our services, you gain decades of expertise over the most complex data and insight into using it to your advantage.